Art at the Centre

Every year, in June, Cittadellarte becomes the centre for who makes art and feeds on art, of course an art at the centre of a responsible social transformation, even if its spaces are open all year around to receive new stimulations and show what has been realized in the course of the previous months.
2017 saw the by now famous event reach its 20th edition. An accomplishment made even more valuable by the fact that, remaining faithful to its vision, each edition has opened new scenarios, new collaborations, new areas of interest and new approaches. Year after year, new investigations are launched and new territories are explored. Besides showcasing what has already been realized, the event introduces new paths and new objectives, without neglecting the activities of the Foundation reminding us that art is both the starting and the finishing point, going through and being crossed by the forces of change underway in the country.
Art at the Centre is also – and mainly – a festival of exhbitions, meetings and seminars talking about artistic practices of transformation of the social contexts they are developed in, realized by Cittadellarte and by an international network consolidated throughout the years.
Art at the Centre therefore represents the fabric of what visitors will encounter for a whole year. It is open to be experienced in first person and with modalities of different intensity.
Here follows a lineup of the past editions, starting from the one in course at the moment and going back in time. We look forward to seeing you!


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