Arte al Centro / Art at the Centre 2014
of a responsible transformation of society
For the 17th edition of the yearly review Art at the Centre, Cittadellarte will be opening in its spaces:
Friday July 11th, 2:30 pm
Il gioco del loco 

conference performance about public art
curated by Artinreti platform: six seconds to, acting out, asilo bianco, a.titolo, banca della memoria, maurizio cilli, cittadellarte-fondazione pistoletto, eco e narciso, kaninchenhaus, par coi bsogna semnà, PAV parco arte vivente, progetto diogene, urbe
With the participation of: Gianmaria Ajani (rector University of Turin), Ugo Mattei (jurist), Alessandra Pioselli (curator), Michelangelo Pistoletto (artist)
What’s the problem? Economy 
5 paths through the Geographies of Change

exhibition curated by: Juan Esteban Sandoval (ArtOffice_Cittadellarte) 
concept: Paolo Naldini 
exhibition concept and installation: Alejandro Vásquez Salinas,  Lana+Savettiere Architetti,  Marcella Toninello e Patrizio Cardella,  ARDES ProgettiAndrea Scarpellini
Urban transformation working sites
Medellín – A life in common / Torino – Art_works?
projects by Cittadellarte with: 
STEALTH.unlimited,  el puente_lab,  constructLab,  Progetto Diogene,  Roberto Fassone/Dotventi

Cittadellarte. Uffizi
Exhibition of the projects developed by Cittadellarte in the realms of fashion (Fashion B.E.S.T.), food (Let Eat Bi), education (Unidee) and communication (Rebirth-day)
Third Paradise – farming the city 
From agriculture to architecture
exhibition curated by: Fortunato D’Amicon.o.v.a.civitas (Emanuele Bottigella and Tiziana Monterisi)
Visible. On Display 
When art leaves its own field and becomes visible as part of something else
project by Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in collaboration with Fondazione Zegna
project curated by: Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander
exhibition format: Leftloft
The Doors of Cittadellarte

interactive installation
 curated by: Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in collaboration with Studio Azzurro

Exhibition open from 11 July to 31 December 2014