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Cittadellarte is a school-laboratory dedicated to the study, experimentation and development of practices turning the symbol of the Third Paradise into a reality, implying it in every social sector and in every type of organization, starting from the single individual to top institutions like the UN.

From agriculture to politics, from music to food, from fashion to architecture, these are some of the topics about which Cittadellarte regularly organizes courses, always keeping art as the background, the frame and the subject, as a means of social responsible transformation.

Each theme, each subject is enhanced and contaminated by encountering the others, in a continuous harmonic intertwining.

The different courses

Cittadellarte presents itself as “social school”, that is a place where the sectors of formal and informal education can find continuity, complementarity and opportunities to enter into a dialogue. A social school for all ages, whose specialisations and fields of research identify the elements of development, growth and cohesion among people as part of the creative process.

Specifically, Cittadellarte:

– Is acknowledged by Miur (Ministry of education, university and research) as an educational institution, and offers days of formation, study and workshops for teachers of any order and grade (also payable with the “teacher’s card”).

– Hosts master’s degree courses and collaborates with universities to provide higher education.

– Hosts the historic UNIDEE – University of Ideas, an articulated platform characterized by an educational programme composed of residential seminar modules at Cittadellarte and at the sites of its international partners, and of artistic residencies.

Hosts highly specialized professional courses like B.E.S.T. Studios, a laboratory of planning, development, creation and distribution of ideas and products within the textile and fashion design sectors.

Welcomes classes from superior institutes organizing for their students to spend a few days in accommodation at Cittadellarte and take part in topical workshops (about the relationship between art and science, for example).

– Welcomes children from nursery and primary schools to carry out activities specifically designed for their ages on the themes of creativity.

– Organizes exhibitions for families in collaboration with important institutions at a national and international level.

Each theme, every subject is enhanced and contaminated by its meeting with the others, in a continuous harmonic interweaving.


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