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The visit: the first treatment

Cittadellarte is a collective work of art. The experience offered by the visit to the Terme Culturali is an immersion into its spaces and its stories: in a way, it is how entering the studio of an artist a hundred years ago must have been.

It is a space-time capsule where to find out how a 19th century wool mill has become one of the most advanced cultural centres for artistic production, connected to a global and interlocal network of most different realities, kept together by a shared vision that Pistoletto and Cittadellarte identify with the myth of the Third Paradise.

The visit covers some of the key points and twists of a story partly already acknowledged (by places of art like the Louvre in Paris or the Venice Biennale, but also by many universities, institutions like the United Nations and the European Commission, companies, associations, civil society associations, citizens and activists from the most diverse geographies and cultures) and partly still very much in progress.

The spaces, alive and regenerated by art, are the focal points of an always different journey, brought to life and made unique by the direct interaction between the visitor and the “masseur/mediator”.

What will the outcome be? Inspiration, ideas, projects? Possibly even initiatives and actions? Who knows? We are already glad to be able to welcome others and share their and our stories and thoughts.

We have frequently been asked by visitors: “How can I participate directly, now that I know this story and want to get involved?”

The answer is often in what each individual is already doing in his/her own collective or individual context, be it a working or a private environment… it is about recognizing sometimes hidden potential intrinsic to any case and any home, and joining forces with others who have already started.

This is, for example, how the Ambassadors of the Third Paradise were born! But this story is part of the narrative that will welcome you when you come and see us, and immerse yourself into the Terme Culturali, even if for only a couple of hours.

We look forward to seeing you!

And if you want to take home a tangible piece of this experience, we have produced a kit full of food for thought which could grow in your home or in your town; ask for it from our store.


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