Short stays

Terme Culturali

Cittadellarte is the place dedicated to the care and practice of the primary human faculties, which art and culture reactivate, massage, exercise, fluidify, sensitize and reinvigorate.

Visitors can stay for an hour or for a day, a weekend or a week, depending on their disposition and time availability.

Over these periods, guests can follow series of treatments, choosing them from a wide range: workshops on the themes of the relationship between art and the different sectors of human activity (from architecture to fashion, from production to politics), treatments centred around spirituality, the individual and the social self, accompanied by expert mediators, cultural masseurs who tell their stories, the events and the achievements not only of Cittadellarte itself, but also of the global network constituted of the thousands of organizations united in the sign of the vision that Cittadellarte has identified as its own mission: the Third Paradise.

To know more, please visit the site of Terme Culturali.


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