How to participate

Cittadellarte offers different solutions of use and contact, ranging from a simple guided tour to a constant regular and active involvement.

Regardless of the level of “intensity” chosen, visitors are invited to live the spaces of the Foundation getting directly and personally involved, even if in different forms and with different modalities.

You can in fact start to get a feel of the place and its modalities of fruition through a guided tour, and then possibly choose to come back and stay for a few days to take part in the programme of Terme Culturali or in the B.E.S.T. or UNIDEE educational modules; you can join our coworking and therefore be at the Foundation on a daily basis; or you can even become an actual Ambassador of Cittadellarte and of the Third Paradise in your own territory, committing to experimenting and spreading the values and visions animating each of our activities.

To protect and rebuild Cittadellarte after the flood that hit us between 2 and 3 October, causing the loss of 1300 square meters of exhibition spaces, theaters and warehouses, we have activated a crowdfunding: contribute by donating now!


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