“Understanding Territoriality”: open call for Skopje, Macedonia

La Redazione,09/03/2016

  OPEN CALL FOR DESIGN RESIDENCY PROGRAMME  IN SKOPJE, MACEDONIA    Deadline for application 15th APRIL, 2016  Otvorena Soba in partnership with Fabrica from UK, Cittadellarte from Italy and Netwerk,



Deadline for application 15th APRIL, 2016 

Otvorena Soba in partnership with Fabrica from UK, Cittadellarte from Italy and Netwerk, from Belgium proudly announce an open call for young designers from all EU countries. We would be very glad to receive product, fashion or graphic designer for a residence in Skopje, Macedonia to work on a project assignment. 

Format: Residency programme in three phases of realization 
(PHASE 1) 7 days research and analyses and base model production 
(PHASE 2) 30 days model improvement and preparation for final prototyping 
(PHASE 3) 7 days prototype production 

Venue: Public Room – centre for design and innovation 
Address: 50 Divizija 22, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia 
Website: www.publicroom.org

Deadline for application: 15th APRIL, 2016 

Period of realization: 
PHASE 1: 1st – 7th July, 2016 
PHASE 2: 7th July – 7th August, 2016 
PHASE 3: 7th – 14th August, 2016 
Given dates are approximate, meaning that will be fixed in agreement with the selected participants 


Creating prototypes (furniture and upholstery furniture, home accessories, cloths, packaging for product/s, wall decorations, etc) from locally obtained and processed materials with the available technology in Public Room and Skopje wider surrounding. Designers, regardless their orientation will be working on a real problem with assigned mentor from Public Room and a coordinating person company or an institution.

Designers will develop their product idea during the phase 1 when they will meet the representatives of the companies and/or institutions (clients). They will be able to do the basic research and to find out which materials and technologies are available for prototype production. This phase will be rounded up with model production and 3D presentation in front of the client. 
In the phase 2 the designers will be asked to do product improvement. This period foresees communication with the host organization and the client and definition of the final shape of the product. 
Phase 3 is completely reserved for the production of the prototype in Skopje. 

In terms of logistics the designer has to spend 2 times 2 weeks in Skopje in order to finalize the project. 


Product, industrial, fashion, and graphic designers, from EU countries are welcome to apply for the residency programme in Otvorena Soba and work on concrete projects. Selection of designers will be done based on portfolio and designer’s motivation to work in the different cultural environment. Young designers (age till 35) are welcome to apply for the project. Only a single designer can apply, no studios or groups are accepted to this residence. It is expected that candidates are highly motivated for such a challenge and ready to work in a completely new set up, materials and technology. 

The residency programme can accommodate maximum 3 designers from different EU countries. Working language is English. For that reason we request at least solid level of English language, since the designers will be working with different companies and designers in Skopje. 

It is expected that candidates are able to use at least one of the following software: ▪ Autocad ▪ 3Ds Max ▪ Solid Works Other similar program 


There are no fees for designers attached to this programme. 
The following costs will be covered by the organizer: 
▪ Return plane ticket (city – Skopje – city), 2 times 
▪ Local transport from and to the airport in Skopje 
▪ Accommodation in Skopje 2 times x 7 days 
▪ Per diem 
▪ Production of prototype 
▪ Assistant designer for communication with client and local support 
▪ Promotion of the prototype production process 


The produced prototypes will be exhibited at least on Skopje Design Week 2016. Further, communication and cooperation with the local factories and organization will be stimulated. 


Each designer will be signing a contact where he/she is obliged to finish the project, meaning that a prototype as final result is mandatory. 


Each candidate interested to participate on residency programme and has read and understood the rule and accepts the conditions has to send the following: 
1. Portfolio (maximum 3 MB) 
2. Motivation letter (maximum 300 words in English) 

Each applicant should submit the documents by email 
TO: contact@publicroom.org

Deadline for submission of all documents requested is 15th APRIL, 2016 


All questions regarding the workshop can be addressed to the organizers at contact@publicroom.org


Understanding Territoriality: Identity, Place and Possession concerns how tensions between the personal, the local and the general (which are at the crux of the debate about our cultural identity) are threatening the sustainability of our nation states and the European Union. 
Understanding Territoriality asks: How can we better understand these tensions, open up the debate beyond politicians and academics and move our societies forward in ways that enable our individuality and local distinctiveness to flourish, whilst minimising confrontation and maximising co-operation? 
We are convinced that better knowledge of our territorial nature in the modern world is essential to understanding these tensions and is a pre-requisite to developing methodologies that support national unity and closer ties within the EU and the wider European neighbourhood. 
Territoriality is an anthropological concept derived from the observation of animal behaviours, and is concerned with how animals (including humans) demonstrate ownership or occupancy of areas and possessions. Humankind extrapolates this behaviour into the complex social structures of nation states and agglomerated territories, such as the EU. Trust is the key social skill that has been developed in order to achieve this. 


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