• A.M. Qattan Foundation (PS)
• Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano (IT)
• Associazione Barriera (IT)
• CAMPO - Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (IT)
• CRIPTA747 (IT)
• École supérieure d'art et design – ESAD, Grenoble (FR)
• Fondazione Modena Arti Visive (IT)
• HYDRO, Biella (IT)
• Italia che Cambia (IT) and Inwole (DE)
• Konstnärsnämnden, Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Se)
• Università IUAV, Venezia (IT)
• Ventunesimo (IT)






The ability to create belongs to the artist, but it is also typical of all human beings, who create incessantly. The artist can therefore help convey this common
creativity towards a profit of freedom.” (M. Pistoletto)

Join UNIDEE as a corporate Partner

Becoming a Partner means taking an active part in the production of UNIDEE’s educational offer. Becoming a Partner means believing in the artistic creation as a tool for change and development.

The company can fulfill its social role by stimulating the sharing of art and culture and at the same time drawn new ideas from the artistic research to put into practice to enhance its own activity and its production processes.

What do corporate partnerships involve?



UNIDEE offers companies opportunities for partnerships for the creation of customized projects consistent with their specific entrepreneurial vision. With UNIDEE the corporate Partner has the opportunity to design artistic residencies able to generate an impact in terms of know-how, innovation and development within its product and service or production system. The results of the artistic elaboration deriving from these projects can be applied in one’s own entrepreneurial reality. 


Scholarships grant


The Partner can decide to support UNIDEE through the provision of scholarships for young artists and creatives from all over the world to enroll in three-year courses, to participate in modules and artistic residencies focused on specific themes, according to topics and interests.


Artistic residency grant


The Partner can support a young creative allowing him to participate for free in a UNIDEE module through a single scholarship . This year some of the scholarships will be aimed at new graduates and mom-artists.


Many entrepreneurial organizations, leaders in their sector of reference, continue to believe in UNIDEE and the important impact it can generate on the territory and within their company.

For more information please contact Fundraising Office: