Application procedure
Applicants must submit their application by email to: stating “UNIDEE 2019 application (your name)” as a subject line.
Applicants must attach the following documents (up to 8 MB in total):
(1) the application form (download here)
(2) a selected portfolio (max 3 projects, one single pdf, max 6 MB)

Applications deadline: Monday 29th April 2019




Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto and UNIDEE-University of Ideas are committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and aim to ensure that no potential or actual participant receives more or less favourable treatments on the grounds of age, race, colour, ethnic or national origins, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, disability or religious or similar philosophical beliefs.

Although it is essential to eliminate inequality in accepting applicants based on potential bias against ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or similar, UNIDEE-University of Ideas deems particularly relevant to address forms of work precariousness and living insecurity with its tuition scheme. Nowadays, more and more artists are working under unrelenting pressure and overwhelming demands due to their personal or professional lives, while the labour conditions within the artworld increase competition and encourage hyperspecialization.Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto and UNIDEE-University of Ideas believe that these circumstances are particularly exhausting for artists who are already experiencing various conditions of vulnerability such as migration, parenthood, economical precariousness and afterstuding.

For these reasons, UNIDEE-University of Ideas offers the following package of fee waivers and fee reductions. With this scheme our aim is not to simply propose a subsidy or to categorize lives of applicants according to incomplete and fragmented pre-fixed classifications. Nonetheless we believe that if our goal is to discuss the role of art in society, it is important to learn from the position of people coming from different social paths as well as personal life conditions; if we are committed in experiments of group pedagogy, we need to engage the personal sphere to reconsider the ways otherness is constructed; and finally if precariousness represents the constant circumstance of many cultural workers, perhaps the aim of such an educational programme would be to create the conditions to develop forms of critical instances from unstable and fragile positions.




Emerging artists are stipulated as: current BA and MA Students /or BA and MA graduates within two years of leaving their studies.

If you wish to continue integrating your training by participating in a non-accredited programme, UNIDEE Modules offer a wide range of masterclasses with international artists. Please attach to your application university records confirming the year of your graduation.

There is one Emerging Artist place allocated in each module.



Newcomer is stipulated as: person who moved to Italy within the last three years.

If you have recently moved to Italy and you are struggling to connect your practice with the local scene, UNIDEE could be a place for you to start building your network of peers. Please include in your application evidence of your move. If you cannot document it, please be in touch with us before applying.

There is one Newcomer place allocated in each module.



Artist- worker is stipulated as: a part-time or full-time worker, employed in a non-cultural field.

If you are a part-time or full-time worker and have difficulties in continuing investing in your artistic practice, one of our UNIDEE Module could offer you the occasion for a short break from your working routine. If you have a regular contract, please attach it to your application. Otherwise please be in touch with us before applying.

There is one Artist-worker place allocated on each module.


Besides the fee reduction scheme, UNIDEE recognises the importance of establishing continuous relation to its previous participants and therefore proposes a series of discounts:

  1. a 25% package discount if you enrol for three or more modules;
  2. 10% discount on each module for former participants
  3. early bird discount of 10% (if you enrol before April 23rd)





Woman Artist Parent
 are stipulated as
: mothers that have a child up to five years old.

UNIDEE invites artist-mothers to apply for our modules programme offering them the opportunity to attend our modules for free. If you like to attend the module with your child, please be in touch with us before applying, so that the needs of each applicant can be discussed separately.

We invite the applicants to include a photocopy of their child’s ID in the application.

There is one Woman Artist Parent place allocated in each module.



Refugee/Asylum seeker are stipulated as: persons that have a refugee status or have applied for it.

UNIDEE invites artists who have been forced to leave their countries for their own safety to attend our modules programme for free.

Please be in touch with us to explain your current situation.

There is one Refugee/Asylum seeker place allocated in each module.



Throughout the years, UNIDEE has established partnerships with the following universities Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma (IT), Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (IT), École supérieure d'art et design – ESAD, Grenoble (FR), Università IAUV (IT) to invite their students to attend our Modules.

If you are enrolled as a student in one of the listed universities, you might be entitled to special discounts. Please get in touch with us or ask your head of department for further information.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have a teaching position in an accredited university and would like to establish an affiliation with Cittadellarte.


It is important to say that belonging to one of the groups above does not give applicants the right to secure a place. UNIDEE reserves the right to select the participants according to the quality of the application, the quality of work and the accordance between the interests of the applicant and Cittadellarte’s mission.