The Third Paradise, Moscow: Michelangelo Pistoletto
curated by Angelo Capasso, RAM radioartemobile
RAM radioartemobile
NCCA - National Centre for Contemporary Arts di Mosca 

radioartemobile contemporary art gallery presents the exhibition Gianna Nannini / Michelangelo Pistoletto Il Terzo Paradiso,2007 NCCA, Moscow, 2007 Video: Antonio Trimani
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RAM radioartemobile presents The Third Paradise
From the 19th of November 2007 to 16th December 2007, at NCCA – National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow.

The conceptual center of the exhibition is the New Sign of Infinity by Pistoletto that expands throughout the space on large sheets of aluminum in an infinite repetition.
The installation is completed with the Orchestra di stracci, and the “vocal sculpture” Mama by Gianna Nannini.
The two works entwine, mix and embrace unwinding in syntony and sharing of thought: music becomes a vehicle of communication to translate into myth the concept expressed in the Third Paradise.

The collaboration between Pistoletto and Nannini, curated by RAM Radioartemobile, reshapes itself as an international music network open to musicians from allover the world and becomes Third Paradise / Mama – Free style Music.

At the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, the exhibition is enriched by the presence of Testimonials: a number of personalities from the worlds of culture, science and art called to offer their aware adhesion and to dilate the circle of sharing that stems from the vibration of the Third Paradise accentuating its heterodoxy.