reCreation Space

Open everyday, closed on Monday
Addressed to:
relax, fun


A place to relax and concentrate: let yourself be stimulated by the inspirations originating from visits or treatments.

The reCreation Space is a place to relax and concentrate on the inspirations collected during visits or treatments.
It is here, above all, that the wellness of the mind meets the one of the body and the one of the spirit: "a sound body in a sound mind".

What might be called relaxation area in a traditional spa, at Cittadellarte, in Terme Cultural it becomes a place where you can stop to read, play, think, watch videos, individually, as a group, as a family.

The "games" are, for example: Love Difference Table Football, by Diego Paccagnella, where instead of two teams of 11 players, 22 players are on the the field representing several national teams of the countries of the Mediterranean; Ping Pong Segno Arte, by Michelangelo Pistoletto, whose shape (the Segno Arte by Pistoletto, born from the intersection of two triangles) comes first than the idea of table tennis: ping pong is following the idea of art, and not vice versa; Human Values Bank Minigolf, where trying to putt we can wonder about the meaning of concepts such as saving, deposit, investment, share, rent ...; for those who want to know more, the Turning Point Bookshelf offers hundreds of texts that report or are able to directly produce change. Then there is an installation by Victor Mu┼łoz devoted to events of spontaneous dance in sports. Through this work, visitors can follow in the footsteps of athletes dancing or sing karaoke choirs of different fans.

Visitors can buy at Cittadellarte Store a kit with some of the materials used in the workshops.
The Kit delle Terme Culturali is a fun tool to plunge into the world of Cittadellarte and its activities. The kit contains different material to play, build and experiment also at home with the workshops offered in Terme Culturali.

On the walls, the collective work Insieme (Together), coordinated by Giorgio De Finis: hundreds of circles and centers created by the artists involved in the project of the MAAM in Rome, the Museo dell'Altro e dell'Altrove (Museum of the Other and of the Elsewhere) - Metropoliz to give the sign of a link between this research site where you can come to strengthen the creative muscles and the spaces in Rome inhabited by two hundred families isolated from our society and involved in this important artistic and social project.