Bring us your Arms!
by Andy Abbott and Yvonne Carmichael
Un Regalo Per Biella
by Antonella Alunni
by Raouf Haj-Yihya
Pinhole Workshop
by Raouf Haj-Yihya and Francesco Perratone, with the collaboration of Katia Meneghini
Deep Waters of the Mediterranean
by Raouf Haj-Yihya and Francesco Perratone
Mosquitoes' Dance - Culex Pipiens' attack
by Raouf Haj-Yihya and Francesco Perratone, with the collaboration of Martina Baroncelli, Qui Jun, Paula Rengifo, Ajay Kumar Tiwari
CO2 - Sviluppo S.O.S.tenibile
by Antonella Alunni, Francesco Perratone, Andrea Vialardi, in collaboration with the Ecology Office-Cittadellarte and Corrado Bacco, Galveston progetti audiovisivi
Rooms (mapping displacement)
by Nazgol Ansarinia
Made in darkness
by Qui Jun
Una storia
by Ajay Kumar Tiwari
You always understand, don't you? / Thank God for making me a woman with thick lips / A beautiful love story / Work environment
by Tehila Lapidot
Parlami col cuore - Talk to me with your heart
A creative instrument for looking into the town
by Katia Meneghini
Das Problem der Freiheit - The Problem of Freedom
by Christian Niccoli
Empathy Toolkit
by Natasa Perkovic
Claims of History, Lay(er)ing a Ground
An urban Intervention - A "direction to re-qualify" Biella
by Rakhi Peswani
Needling Words Sewing Idioms
Breaking and remaking language structures... an attempt towards re-visioning mediums of expression

by Rakhi Peswani
Real memories - Imaginary places
Costructing Virtual Spaces / Reconstructing Collective Memories

by Rakhi Peswani and Liron Shua
by Paula Andrea Rengifo Valencia
Of images and places
eternal time - infinite place

by Liron Shua
by Qiu Jun in collaboration with Francesco Strocchi, Cafeteria-Cittadellarte Glocal Restaurant and Nourishment Office
by Paula Rengifo, Natasa Perkovic, Tehila Lapidot, Antonella Alunni, Liron Shua, Katia Meneghini and Yvonne Carmichael

Proposal projects:
:: Design competition for the Illy cup collection
:: Design competition for "Cubes in Motion", by the Production office of Cittadellarte
:: "Urban intervention" competition for a proposal of urban intervention by ASCOM-Trade Association of Biella
:: Proposals for the "Festival dei Vicini" ("Neighbours' Festival) in Turin, within the "Quarters' festivity" and in the occasion of "Turin - the Book World Capital with Rome" in the space "In Primo Luogo", and in collaboration with "Turning Point Literature"
:: European stage of the debuts “Unounoprima”, Parma 15th - 16th of July
:: Festival "B come Bambini", Biella 9th - 10th of September
:: "Tocatì", street game festival, Verona 22nd - 23rd September